Paul “PJ” WiltjerPresident
One of the co-founders of P & C Trucking, PJ has grown up in the trucking business. He started as a driver, and is currently President of the corporation.
Phone: 219-972-0193 ext. 14

Norman BrownVice President
Norm has been with the Company since 2002, he started working for P&C as a driver, and was later brought into the office to assume the role of dispatcher. He is currently Vice President of the corporation, and oversees all the day to day operations.
Phone: 219-972-0193 ext. 12

Rob SonsVice President
Rob first started with the Company back in the late 80’s as a driver/mechanic. He now oversees all shop & maintenance operations, as well as fleet equipment speccing & purchasing.
Phone: 219-972-0193 ext. 11

Quinten BrownFleet Supervisor
Quint has been with Company since 2013, he was hired to assist in dispatching, and continues to dispatch as the Fleet Supervisor of our Construction Division of Drivers.
Phone: 219-972-0193 ext. 21

Donna J. SnyderBookkeeping / Payroll
Donna has been with P & C since 1998, and specializes in payroll, benefits, accounts payable, fuel taxes, and sales taxes.
Phone: 219-972-0193 ext. 16

Teresa TatgeReceptionist / Billing
Teresa has been with the Company since 2013, she handles phones, driver paperwork, and billing.
Phone: 219-972-0193 ext. 10

Judy FruehlingDispatcher